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Learn Basic Words and Phrases. .

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Sentences with “把” bă is in the active voice. Listen to Chinese Audio and Repeat. Dimsum hasn’t been updated in ages but it’s still an excellent podcast for learning Chinese.

Overall, it’s a really good Chinese language podcast despite its lack of updates.

In the end, breaking the ice to start conversations. Doctor, what do I have? Grammar, Examples and Exercices. conversation data.

The practice will involve short Chinese dialogues in a variety of situations. .

More Learning Resources About Chinese Conversation: 讲价 (Jiăngjià) Bargaining 谈球赛 (Tán qiúsài)Talk about Sports Games 租房子 (Zū.

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. Massively boost your Chinese conversation skills with these dialogue-based lessons.

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%0 Conference Proceedings %T KdConv: A Chinese Multi-domain Dialogue Dataset Towards Multi-turn Knowledge-driven Conversation %A Zhou, Hao %A Zheng, Chujie %A Huang, Kaili %A Huang, Minlie %A Zhu, Xiaoyan %S Proceedings of the 58th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics %D 2020 %8.

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Learn Chinese Online.

Mike. KdConv contains 4. NaturalConv: A Chinese Dialogue Dataset Towards Multi-turn Topic-driven Conversation Xiaoyang Wang*, Chen Li*, Jianqiao Zhao, Dong Yu Tencent AI Lab, Bellevue, WA {shawnxywang,ailabchenli, markjzhao,dyu}@tencent.

Read Chinese Conversations Aloud. . To the best of our knowledge, CPED is the first Chinese personalized and emotional dialogue dataset. . For instance, if someone told you good news, you could reply hěn hǎo (很好) for “very good” in Chinese. #ChatGLM-6B v1.

Practice speaking on your own.

There are free and premium options (the premium option goes into greater detail of the dialogue content). ”.

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