You enjoy figuring things out together.

The two of them talk for hours on a wide variety of subjects.

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Together you are focused on the deepest issues of the relationship, and the focus isn't intellectual, like an air house would be, or practical like an earth house would be.

. . When composite Lilith is placed in the 3 rd house of the composite chart, this can sometimes be a sign of a relationship between two people.

Composite Neptune in the 3rd house indicates the communication between the couple can be quite sweet and sensitive, but also confusing and hazy.

It's emotional and feeling based, making things a bit vague and undefined, yet powerful. The houses of the composite chart reveal areas of focus in a relationship, as well as how the energies of the planets play out. .

Mar 22, 2023 · Composite Uranus in the 3rd house. .

Venus has a pleasing effect because it represents pleasure and desire.

This wound often has a lot to do with mortality.

This couple enjoys taking short, local trips together, and hanging out with siblings and neighbours. You enjoy figuring things out together.

Deep and passionate discussions can occur, and such exchanges of communication will. I find it particularly revealing to look to.

Composite Sun in the 3rd House.
They enjoy brainstorming together and coming.
In the third house, your composite Mercury is at home in its own house, making this a great placement.

You enjoy figuring things out together.

As a couple, you project a friendly, gregarious and generous nature.

The North Node in the 3rd house indicates that intellectual endeavors, learning, and education are a part of your life’s mission. Lilith in the 3 rd house. While the concept of communicating might seem rather simple on the surface, the influence of the third house goes far deeper than basic speaking and writing styles.

. Conversations are intense and deep, with not much room for fluffy small talk. Sun/Leo in the third house: “we talk about “us” there is a strong tendency for the topic to be focused mainly on your feelings towards one another rather than how others feel about. Of course, this can lead to overspending and a tendency to overvalue anything that is overindulgent and impractical, but the positive energy Jupiter brings will generally get you through it. .

Learn about the composite 3rd house in astrology with general interpretations for the composite 3rd house in the zodiac signs and composite and transit planets in the 3rd.

Conversations are frequent and can focus on any topic. May 20, 2023 · The third house is referred to as the house of communication.


A moon.

There may be confrontations regarding the home and the family.

Therefore it's up to each partner whether this is comfortable or not.

Aug 22, 2012 · It is further emphasized by the Twelfth House influence (my June Synastry Studies article refers to Sun in the Twelfth House in composite, and its need to fix something specific within the relationship).